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The Prometheus Lamp


Prometheus Lamp

Walnut & Tulip Burl


Prometheus Lamp

Walnut & Ash


Prometheus Lamp

White Oak & Birdseye Oak

Prometheus Lamp Ash

Prometheus Lamp

Ash & Birdseye Birch

Tamo Ash.jpg

The Wooden Flame:
A Sculpture of Light

The Prometheus Lamp is a testament to the harmonious fusion of natural form and modern design. Crafted with an organic sensibility, the slender wooden legs gracefully ascend and intertwine, creating a fluid structure that evokes the gentle unfurling of a sprout's growth. The choice of wood lends a warmth that contrasts sublimely with the fiery hue of the artisanal shade.

The shade itself, a triumph of textural artistry, resembles a chiseled piece of amber, capturing and diffusing light to cast an inviting, mellow glow. It speaks of the earth's raw beauty, its rough exterior belying the complexity of its craftsmanship. This lamp is not merely a source of light but a sculptural statement, meant to evoke conversation and admiration.

As a centerpiece in a collection, it holds its own with a quiet yet undeniable presence. The lamp is an exemplar of how functional objects can transcend their utility and serve as conduits for artistic expression. It would be a captivating addition to any space, infusing it with a touch of organic elegance and contemporary design.



Prometheus 5-.jpg
Prometheus Lamp_Sloat Manor

Best in Show 2023

Best in Craft 2019_edited.jpg

Masterclass Feature  2021


Best in Lighting 2018

The Prometheus Lamp is made entirely from wood.
The form is created through the technique of steam bending and t
he shade is crafted through a complex five-step process.

Revel in the radiance of your very own Prometheus Lamp.
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