Prometheus Lamps


bending Wood

I built the first Prometheus Lamp seventeen years ago. It's a piece that lives in my living room today. In order to create the piece,

I developed a few unique techniques. The first was a jig to steam bend the wood and twist it into form. The second was figuring out a way to hide the cord and run it down the leg of the floor lamp. The other complex method was creating a five-step process of shaping the thin shaving of wood into a lampshade.

Prometheus 5-.jpg



Like gazing into a fireplace

There are only ten Prometheus Lamps in existence. And just like a tree, each one is completely unique. The bases are made out of Walnut, Ash, and White Oak. The shades are created from Tulip Burl, Ash, and Birdseye White Oak. People often remark that the glowing wood is mesmerizing, like staring into a warm fireplace. If you'd like to have a custom lamp made please contact me. 

Prometheus Lamp.jpg
Tamo Ash.jpg