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Laguna Bandsaw (Review 2023) Laguna Tools 18" MBAND185400

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Jesse Shaw using Laguna Bandsaw

Let's take a look at a specific Laguna Bandsaw model that helped me create amazing wood projects.

In my previous shop, I had the privilege of using the Laguna Tools MBAND185400 Italian 18 HD Bandsaw for a solid 8 years. This machine quickly became the cornerstone of my woodworking projects. With its Italian craftsmanship, it wasn't just another tool but rather a piece of art, delivering precision cuts with unparalleled consistency.

Its professional-grade performance was evident in every task it undertook, ensuring my projects always had a refined finish. Over the years, the bandsaw's reliability and efficiency never wavered, proving that it was not only built with mastery but also designed to stand the test of time.

Laguna Tools Laguna Tools Italian HD BandsawBAND185400 Italian 18 HD Bandsaw


Laguna Tools is known for its precision engineering and durable woodworking tools, and the MBAND185400 Italian 18 HD Bandsaw is no exception. A balance of form and function, this bandsaw boasts of features that elevate it in the realm of premium woodworking tools.

Laguna Bandsaw Performance

Right off the bat, the Laguna 18 HD Bandsaw commands attention with its potent motor. This ensures that it effortlessly slices through both soft and hardwoods. The machine operates smoothly, and the consistency of the cuts is impressive, which is crucial for detailed woodworking projects.


  • Precision: The blade guides are ceramic, which ensures precision in cuts. It also reduces blade friction, leading to smoother operations and extended blade life.

  • Fence System: The bandsaw comes with a high/low fence system which can be easily adjusted depending on the nature of the cut.

  • Dust Collection: It features a superb dust collection system, ensuring your workspace remains clean, and enhancing visibility and safety.

  • Build Quality: With its solid cast iron table and sturdy frame, the durability of this bandsaw is unquestionable. It's clearly built to last, which justifies its premium price tag.

Usability of the Laguna Bandsaw

The bandsaw is fairly user-friendly. The tension window lets users easily monitor and adjust blade tension, ensuring optimal performance. The foot brake with micro switch is a valuable safety feature, offering an immediate halt to operations if required.


  1. Powerful and consistent performance.

  2. Ceramic blade guides for precision.

  3. Excellent dust collection system.

  4. Robust build ensuring longevity.

  5. User-friendly features like tension window and foot brake.


  1. Its premium features come with a matching premium price tag, which might be a hurdle for hobbyists or beginners.

  2. Given its weight and size, mobility within a workshop might be limited.


The Laguna Bandsaw Tools MBAND185400 Italian 18 HD is a top-tier machine that doesn't disappoint. While its price point might be on the higher side, professionals and serious woodworkers will find its features and performance justify the investment. With proper care and maintenance, this bandsaw can be a long-standing centerpiece in any woodworking shop.


Disclaimer on Affiliate Links: Some of the tools mentioned in this article are affiliate links, but please know I only recommend tools I truly believe in and trust. There's absolutely no additional cost to you.


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