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JET Bandsaw (Review 2023): JWBS-20-5, 20-Inch Woodworking Bandsaw, 5HP, 1Ph 230V 714850

Jet Bandsaw

The JET Bandsaw JWBS-20-5 stands as an impressive midpoint in the bandsaw market. Priced reasonably, it outperforms competitors like Rikon and many Grizzly models in terms of features and reliability. Its robust construction and consistent cutting ability provide users with a machine that promises and delivers.

While it doesn't quite match up to the prowess of the Laguna 18" or the Powermatic, it holds its own quite admirably. For those seeking a solid balance between cost and performance, this bandsaw is a compelling choice.

JET's reputation in woodworking machinery is solidified with the JWBS-20-5 20-Inch Bandsaw. This tool is a manifestation of power and precision, tailored for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals seeking consistency and reliability in their craft.

Performance of the Jet Bandsaw

The 5HP motor is the heart of the JWBS-20-5, propelling it to tackle a wide range of tasks effortlessly. From intricate details to heavy-duty resawing, its power is evident, delivering clean, smooth cuts irrespective of the wood's density.


  • Precision Control: The blade tracking window and rack and pinion adjustment for the blade guide height make for meticulous cuts with minimal error.

  • Table Tilt: Offering a tilt of 10° left and 45° right, it allows for versatile angled cuts, expanding the user's creative horizon.

  • Quick Release: The tension mechanism aids in quick blade changes and adjustments, ensuring minimal downtime between tasks.

  • Build & Durability: The sturdy cast iron frame ensures stability, reducing vibrations. The table's large size provides ample support for larger wood pieces.


Jet Bandsaw

The JWBS-20-5 Jet Bandsaw is user-friendly, even for its professional-grade categorization. Features like the easy-view blade tracking and tension release make for a more intuitive woodworking experience. The upper and lower ball bearing guides further enhance the precision and longevity of blade life.


  1. Powerful 5HP motor is suitable for a myriad of tasks.

  2. Sturdy construction with reduced vibrations.

  3. Intuitive features for enhanced usability.

  4. Efficient dust collection system.


  1. Given its robust construction, the Jet Bandsaw machine is bulky and may require a dedicated space in the workshop.

  2. The premium performance comes at a premium price, which might be a consideration for hobbyists.


The JET Bandsaw JWBS-20-5 is a robust, reliable bandsaw that promises consistent results with every cut. For professionals and serious woodworkers, it offers a blend of power and precision that can elevate the quality of projects. While its price point and size might require consideration, its performance ensures that it's a worthy investment for those seeking excellence in woodworking.

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