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5 Best Must-Have Accessories for Your Wood Lathe (Oneway Lathe)

As a professional furniture maker and dedicated woodturner, your wood lathe is the heart of your craft. Investing in the right accessories is crucial to elevate your woodturning experience and take your creations to the next level. In this article, we'll cover the five most important lathe accessories that every woodturner should consider for their lathe. Important note: Lathes come in different sizes, I use a Oneway lathe which has its own specific size so there are two links in each section for Oneway 1640 lathe and Standard size Lathes.

1.Wood Chuck:

A woodchuck is an indispensable accessory for any wood lathe enthusiast. This device secures your wood firmly in place, allowing you to remove the tail stock and turn bowls, plates, and vases with precision and confidence. Whether you're turning an intricate vase or creating a beautifully balanced bowl, a reliable wood chuck ensures stability, reducing vibrations and enhancing the overall quality of your turning. Look for a wood chuck with a robust and versatile jaw design, enabling you to grip various sizes of workpieces securely. Additionally, quick-change mechanisms and easy adjustments contribute to a smoother workflow, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your turning.

2. Vacuum Chuck:

A vacuum chuck is a game-changer for woodturners who crave versatility and efficiency. This accessory utilizes suction to hold your workpiece in place, eliminating the need for traditional jaw-based chucks. A vacuum chuck provides unmatched accessibility to the entire surface of your workpiece, allowing you to work on the bottom without obstruction.

Vacuum chucks are particularly beneficial when turning delicate or irregularly shaped pieces, providing a secure hold without leaving marks on the wood. Consider investing in a system with customizable sealing options, ensuring compatibility with various workpiece sizes and shapes.

3. Drill Bit Chuck:

Efficient hollowing and drilling are essential aspects of woodturning, and a drill bit chuck is the key to achieving precision in these tasks. This accessory attaches to the tailstock on the lathe, allowing you to drill accurate holes in your workpieces without the need for a separate drill press. Look for a chuck with a reliable locking mechanism to ensure stability during drilling (I prefer keyless for ease of use). Drill bit chucks come in various sizes to accommodate different lathes. The way to distinguish which size is right for your lathe is by the Morse Taper. Standard lathes with a 1" thread have a Morse Taper # 2 (commonly sold as MT2). An Oneway lathe has an MT3 and mini lathes are MT1). Make sure you get the right taper for your lathe. This tool is one of my favorite accessories and is essential for many wood turnings whether you're creating lamp bases or intricate vessels, a drill bit chuck will become a valuable asset in your woodturning toolkit.

4. Small Tool Rest and Curved Tool Rest:

Precision and control are paramount in woodturning, and small tool rest can significantly enhance your ability to achieve intricate details. This accessory provides a stable platform for your turning tools, offering better support when working on smaller projects or intricate designs. A small tool rest allows you to maneuver your tools with ease, resulting in smoother cuts and more refined finishes. Choose a tool rest with adjustable features, enabling you to customize its height and position according to your specific turning needs. Whether you're crafting finials, handles, or other delicate components, a small tool rest is a must-have for achieving professional-level results.

5. Dust Extractor:

Woodturning is a messy endeavor, and managing the resulting dust and debris is crucial for a clean and safe workspace. A dust extractor is an essential accessory that will help maintain a healthy and organized turning environment. By efficiently removing dust particles from the air, a dust extractor not only protects your respiratory health but also keeps your lathe and workshop equipment in optimal condition. You should never sand on a lathe without some type of vacuum to remove the dust. You do not want to inhale fine dust particles, especially if you are one of those people who use epoxy in your turnings.

Invest in a dust extractor with sufficient capacity for your lathe, even if it is just a basic shop vacuum. With a reliable dust extraction system in place, you can focus on the joy of turning without worrying about the aftermath.


Elevating your woodturning craft involves more than just skill; it requires the right tools and accessories. The woodchuck, vacuum chuck, drill bit chuck, small curved tool rest, and dust extractor are five essential accessories that can transform your turning experience. By investing in these high-quality tools, you'll not only enhance the precision and efficiency of your work but also open up new possibilities for creative expression in your woodworking journey. If you found this article helpful, please let me know by liking it. Happy Wood Turning!

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