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13 Best Sawzalls (2023 Review)

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Are you ready to look at the best sawzalls for the year?

Twenty years ago, when I first delved into carpentry, the variety of power tools was quite limited. The concept of battery-powered tools was nonexistent, and even for sawzalls, the options were few. Fast forward to now, and the choices are abundant.

There are essentially two prominent styles: the two-handed sawzall and its one-handed counterpart. For heavy-duty tasks like construction, where you're cutting into walls and ceilings, a two-handed device is the ideal pick. On the other hand, for plumbing tasks and simple household projects, a one-handed saw emerges as the top choice. This list will cover only two-handed sawzalls.

Milwaukee Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

The Milwaukee 2621-21 M18 Sawzall Reciprocating Saw stands out as a powerful tool, perfect for demanding tasks and heavy-duty applications. With its reliable M18 battery system, the saw promises longer run times and consistent performance.

The tool-free blade change feature adds convenience, making it suitable for users who require frequent blade swaps. However, the saw might be on the heavier side for some users, and the price point may be a bit steep compared to other models in its category.


  1. Powerful performance suited for tough tasks.

  2. M18 battery system ensures longevity and consistent power.

  3. Tool-free blade change enhances convenience.


  1. Slightly heavier compared to some competitors.

  2. Price may be on the higher side for some budgets.

DEWAL MAX Reciprocating Saw

The DeWalt DCS380B 20-Volt MAX Reciprocating Saw offers a harmonious blend of power and flexibility. Renowned for its four-position blade clamp, it allows for flush cutting and increased versatility. The keyless blade change feature enhances the user experience, making blade swaps quick and hassle-free.

The tool's robust design ensures durability, but its weight might be cumbersome for extended use. Moreover, while the 20-volt battery promises substantial power, it does require frequent charging under heavy use.


  1. Four-position blade clamp ensures versatile cutting.

  2. Keyless blade change for quicker adjustments.

  3. Robust and durable design.


  1. Might feel weighty during prolonged tasks.

  2. The battery will need regular charging with intensive use.

Makita Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw

The Makita Reciprocating Saw is a noteworthy entrant in the world of reciprocating saws, distinguished by its powerful 11-amp motor that ensures consistent and efficient cutting performance. The tool-less blade change system streamlines the process of blade replacements, eliminating the need for additional tools.

Its build quality is unquestionably sturdy, reflecting Makita's reputation for durability. However, the saw lacks some of the advanced features present in newer models, and its weight can be a tad cumbersome for some users during extended tasks.


  1. Potent 11-amp motor for reliable cutting.

  2. Tool-less blade change offers effortless blade replacements.

  3. Sturdy and long-lasting construction.


  1. Absence of some modern features.

  2. Slightly heavier, potentially causing fatigue during long operations.


The BOSCH GSA18V-110B14 PROFACTOR™ 18V 1-1/8 In. Reciprocating Saw stands as a testament to Bosch's legacy in crafting high-end power tools. This saw, powered by an 18V system, is tailored for rigorous tasks, providing a compelling cutting performance. Its 1-1/8 in. stroke length ensures deeper and more efficient cuts, a boon for professionals.

The saw's ergonomic design is consciously made to reduce user fatigue during prolonged use. However, for all its merits, the saw comes at a premium price point, and while its battery performance is respectable, it can wane during extended heavy-duty tasks.


  1. Robust 18V system suitable for demanding tasks.

  2. 1-1/8 in. stroke length delivers deeper cuts.

  3. Thoughtful ergonomic design to minimize user fatigue.


  1. Premium pricing may deter budget-conscious buyers.

  2. Battery longevity could be challenged during intense, continuous use.

Ryobi Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Sawzall

The Ryobi P517 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Sawzall is a notable choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Powered by an efficient brushless motor, it ensures smoother operations with a commendable 2,900 strokes per minute (SPM) performance. The adjustable pivoting shoe enhances control and prolongs blade life, while the anti-vibration handle ensures a comfortable grip, reducing fatigue during prolonged tasks.

While the tool offers substantial power and flexibility, its battery life, typical of many cordless units, may require frequent recharging during continuous heavy-duty use. Also, compared to premium brands, the build might not feel as rugged.


  1. Extremely affordable

  2. Efficient brushless motor for smoother operations.

  3. Adjustable pivoting shoe enhances control and blade longevity.

  4. Anti-vibration handle for comfort and reduced fatigue.


  1. Build quality, though decent, does not match up to higher-end counterparts.

PORTER-CABLE Reciprocating Saw

The PORTER-CABLE PCC670B 20-volt MAX Lithium Bare Reciprocating Tiger Saw is an excellent tool for those seeking reliability with a hint of ruggedness. Its 20-volt system ensures substantial power for a range of tasks, making quick work of most materials. The high-performance drivetrain delivers a 1-inch stroke length, ensuring both swift and efficient cuts.

Its tool-free blade release system emphasizes convenience, facilitating easy blade swaps. However, as a "bare tool" offering, it doesn't come with a battery, which means an additional purchase for those without compatible Porter-Cable batteries. The saw's durability is commendable, but it might feel a bit heavy for some users during extended operations.


  1. Extremely Powerful

  2. High-performance drivetrain for efficient cutting.

  3. Tool-free blade release for convenience.


  1. Corded Plug in

  2. Might feel weighty for some during prolonged tasks.

Metabo HPT Reciprocating Saw

The Metabo HPT Reciprocating Saw exhibits the brand's dedication to creating high-quality power tools tailored for both professional and DIY scenarios. Known for its robust motor and efficient design, the saw ensures consistent and rapid cutting. Its user-centric features, such as tool-less blade changes and an adjustable shoe, add to its appeal by providing flexibility and convenience during operations.

Vibrations, which can be a common concern with reciprocating saws, are considerably minimized in this model, promoting user comfort. However, while the build quality is undeniably sturdy, the weight and balance might feel a bit off for some, and its price might hover on the higher side for budget-conscious buyers.


  1. Robust motor ensures consistent cutting power.

  2. User-friendly features like tool-less blade changes and adjustable shoe.

  3. Reduced vibrations for enhanced comfort.


  1. Corded

BLACK+DECKER Lithium Bare Reciprocating Saw

The BLACK+DECKER BDCR20B 20V Max Lithium Bare Reciprocating Saw provides a handy solution for those who require a reliable yet budget-friendly tool. Its 20V Max Lithium system provides enough juice to handle most light to medium-duty tasks with relative ease. The tool-free blade change ensures quick blade swaps, eliminating any potential downtime.

Its pivoting shoe ensures consistent contact, enhancing stability during operations. However, as a "bare tool," it doesn't include the battery, which means an additional expense if one doesn't already own compatible BLACK+DECKER batteries. While it's an excellent option for sporadic use or home projects, professionals might seek more robust offerings.


  1. Very affordable price

  2. 20V Max Lithium system adequate for various tasks.

  3. Tool-free blade change for seamless operations.

  4. Pivoting shoe enhances stability.


  1. Comes as a "bare tool," battery sold separately.

  2. Might not meet the demands of intensive professional usage.

SKIL Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw

The SKIL 9206-02, with its 7.5-Amp motor, emerges as a versatile and powerful tool in the realm of reciprocating saws. Its variable speed feature allows users to adjust the cutting pace based on the task at hand, delivering enhanced precision and control. A standout feature is the tool's counterbalance, which significantly diminishes vibrations, resulting in smoother operations and reduced user fatigue.

The sturdy metal gear housing ensures longevity and stands up well to potential job site abuses. However, its weight might be a tad more than some competing models, potentially leading to user fatigue during prolonged tasks. Moreover, while it's adept for a variety of tasks, the blade-changing mechanism could be more intuitive.


  1. 7.5-Amp motor ensures robust cutting capabilities.

  2. Variable speed provides greater task-specific control.

  3. Counterbalance feature significantly reduces vibrations.


  1. Slightly heavier, which might be taxing on extended jobs.

  2. Blade-changing mechanism could be refined for greater ease.

CRAFTSMAN Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit

The CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit showcases the brand's tradition of creating durable and reliable tools. Powered by the V20 battery system, it ensures consistent performance throughout a range of cutting tasks. The tool-free blade release is a notable feature, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of blade swaps.

Its compact design is coupled with an ergonomic handle, aiming to reduce user fatigue and ensure comfortable handling during extended use. Furthermore, being part of a kit, it includes necessary accessories, which is a boon for first-time buyers. On the downside, while the saw is excellent for general tasks, it may not match the brute force of more premium offerings.


  1. V20 battery system offers consistent power delivery.

  2. Tool-free blade release ensures hassle-free blade changes.

  3. Ergonomic design and handle improve user comfort.


  1. Might not match the power of higher-end models.

  2. The battery will require frequent recharging with heavy use.

WORX 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw

The Worx Nitro WX516L is a testament to Worx's innovation in the power tool arena. Operating on the 20V Power Share PRO 4.0Ah battery system, it promises extended run times and consistent performance. Its brushless motor ensures not only efficient cutting but also a longer tool lifespan. One of its standout features is the Power Share capability, allowing users to swap batteries between Worx tools, maximizing flexibility.

The tool's design prioritizes user comfort, with its ergonomic handle and reduced vibration output. However, while the saw is versatile for various tasks, it might not have the sheer power that hardcore professionals demand. The blade change mechanism is efficient, but users might take some time getting used to it.


  1. Power Share PRO 4.0Ah battery offers longer run times.

  2. The brushless motor ensures efficient operations and longevity.


  1. Doesn't cater to the high-power demands of some professional applications.

  2. The blade change mechanism might have a slight learning curve for some users.

POPULO Cordless Reciprocating Saw

The POPULO Cordless Reciprocating Saw is a decent entry in the middle-tier segment of reciprocating saws. It's designed for users who need a reliable tool for occasional tasks or light to medium-duty work. The saw's cordless feature offers flexibility and mobility, allowing users to maneuver and cut in tight spaces or locations without direct power access. One of its highlights is its tool-free blade change mechanism, which simplifies the process of switching blades, saving time and effort.

The ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, minimizing user fatigue. However, when it comes to robust professional tasks or prolonged heavy-duty operations, the POPULO might fall a bit short in terms of power and battery life. Furthermore, its build quality, though reasonable, doesn't match up to the more premium offerings in the market.


  1. Cordless design offers mobility and flexibility.

  2. Tool-free blade change mechanism for quick swaps.

  3. Ergonomically designed for comfortable handling.


  1. Might not be suitable for intense professional tasks.

  2. Build quality, while decent, doesn't rival high-end models.

RIDGID Lithium-Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw

The RIDGID 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw is a testament to RIDGID's commitment to producing rugged and dependable tools. Drawing power from its 18V battery system, it delivers consistent cutting capabilities suitable for both DIY tasks and many professional applications. The saw's orbital action feature enhances its cutting efficiency, especially for wood, while the tool-free blade change system streamlines the process of blade swapping.

Its ergonomic design and grip light up upon squeezing, ensuring comfortable handling and enhanced visibility during operations. However, some users might find its weight slightly on the heavier side, potentially causing fatigue during extended use. Furthermore, the saw's aggressive cutting might not be as refined for more delicate tasks, but this is a minor trade-off considering its overall performance.


  1. 18V battery system offers reliable power delivery.

  2. Orbital action features boost cutting efficiency.

  3. Tool-free blade change and illuminated grip enhance user experience.


  1. A bit heavy for prolonged tasks, leading to potential fatigue.

  2. The aggressive cutting nature might not suit delicate operations.


Here is a rundown of all the sawzalls in review.


Choosing the best Sawzall comes down to understanding your specific needs. Whether you're looking for raw power, versatility, or comfort, 2023 offers a broad range of options to cater to every demand. Always consider the type of projects you’ll be undertaking and the features that will enhance your efficiency and accuracy. Investing in a reliable Sawzall ensures you have a tool that will serve you diligently for years to come.

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Disclaimer on Affiliate Links: Some of the tools mentioned in this article are affiliate links, but please know I only recommend tools I truly believe in and trust. There's absolutely no additional cost to you.

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