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13 Best Jointer Planer Combo Machines for Woodworking (2023 Review)

Updated: Jan 10

Whether you’re new to woodworking or an experienced carpenter, a jointer planer combo is an excellent choice for those of us with limited space in our workshop. It can cut down on some precision but will save you time, space, and money.

For most projects, a jointer/planer combo is plenty good enough to get the job done. We’re listing some of the best jointer/planer combination machines available on the market today, with a wide range of options for size, features, ease of use, and price. Of course, your best choice will depend on your specific needs.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, here are a few things to know about jointer/planer combos...

Two Types of Cutter heads

Spiral Cutter Heads

The first is spiral cutter heads which work best for softer materials and are more cost-efficient. Jointers that use spiral cutters are quite versatile and can be used on various types of wood. However, hardwoods can give them trouble, so it is often worth shelling out for the other type of cutter head.

Helical Cutter Heads

The other type is helical cutter heads, which are best for harder, denser materials. However, they come at a higher cost overall. Nevertheless, when you have a lot of dense hardwoods to joint and plane, a helical cutter head is usually the way to go.

Helical Cutter Heads vs. Tersa cutter heads

A second level to consider is Helical vs. Tersa cutter heads. Tersa cutter heads are two-sided straight-edge blades that are easy to replace. They are more effective overall at reducing tear-out when fresh but deteriorate faster than helical blades. They also leave slightly different patterns on the wood. Different camps of woodworkers prefer each one.

How much horsepower do you need?

For an 8” jointer or planer, a solid industrial use one uses about 1 HP. For a 12” large jointer, 3 HP will give you enough power for industrial use.

You can judge for yourself with each of the ones listed, but generally speaking, the higher the power, the better it can perform.

Now, let’s examine each of our options.

SCM Minimax Jointer Planer combo with Xylent Helical Cutter Head

SCM makes quality Italian machines with a sleek and thoughtful design. For example, on the Minimax FS 41 E, It is easy to switch between the jointer and the planer modes. It is also an industrial beast, with a 16” width and a high-end Xylent helical cutter head. This is more than enough room to handle any wood you could want.

The 70” long table made of extruded aluminum can easily support up to an eight-foot piece of lumber. This makes it the highest capacity unit on our entire list by a wide margin.

This unit isn’t really for your casual hobbyist. It will deeply satisfy your expert woodworking enthusiast. To put it bluntly, this is by far the best overall machine in terms of capacity and performance on the entire list. The main issues are simply the size and the price tag.

Right out of the box, your experience will be strong. The cut quality on this machine, even without any adjustments, is fantastic. It performs excellently as both a jointer and a planer.

It’s got a six-foot fence, keeping everything in its place, with a smooth slide and a tight lock. One thing to note is that it uses an American-style guard, which is more safety-oriented. However, in doing so, that means it can get in the way more easily.

You’ll likely need to adjust things in the guts of the machine eventually. For that, their forums and customer support are beneficial. It can take some tinkering, but this beast can be adjusted to very precise specifications given the time and effort to align it properly.

This one is well worth it if you are a dedicated woodworker - it's a heavy, industrial machine used by professionals.


  • High cutting accuracy

  • Huge capacity

  • Stylish looks

  • Great after-sales support

  • Loaded with safety features


  • A bit pricey

Grizzly Planer Jointer Combo with V-Helical Cutterhead

The G0634X 12” Planer/Jointer Combo combines a powerful 5HP motor with a V-helical cutter head for impressive, industrial-level performance.

With plenty of power and a beautiful finish, this is an excellent choice for almost any workshop. In addition, the unit can almost sit against a wall and still be used, giving you more options for where to put it.

The carbide inserts can be rotated up to three times on the cutter head, giving you many options for sharp blades without needing to sharpen them yourself.

Out of the box, there is little need for adjustments as it comes pretty well-calibrated.

The quick-release fence can be positioned at any angle between 45 and 90 degrees. Nothing protrudes off the back of the machine, as the fence is end-mounted. It also locks and slides easily.

The conversion mechanism between jointer and planer is easy to use. Simply remove the quick-release fence and flip up the jointer tables to turn it into a planer. You can then release the table legs and lower them to reverse the process and use the jointer again.

The infeed and outfeed tables are made of durable cast iron and the unit includes two feed rolls, anti-kickback fingers, and a front-facing depth of cut scale.

The machine itself runs whisper-quiet, which is extraordinary considering its power. It is heavy enough to give little to no vibration, and it leaves a low amount of tear out.

Finally, Grizzly offers excellent customer support and can help with the setup if anything goes wrong. For a machine of this quality, the price is more than fair. It can handle an extensive range of woods up to 12” in width with no difficulties.


  • Works smoothly as promised

  • Easy to use

  • Very minimal vibration

  • Affordable

  • A versatile machine

  • Produces very little sounds when in use


  • Assembly might take more time and effort

Grizzly G0675 Jointer/Planer Combo, 10-Inch

The Grizzly G0675 is a 10-inch Jointer/Planer Combo with a European-style blade guard. For surface jointing, this style works well, as your hands stay above the guard with the wood being jointed below. Getting clean surface joints can be tough on this machine, but it does its job well. However, sometimes you have to be careful to get your technique and weight placement correct.

Planing generally feels good on the G0675. There’s a bit of snipe, but that’s to be expected. The snipe is not bad enough that it can’t just be sanded down afterward. Dust collection is solid on the machine, but you’ll still get shavings left over.

Next, it’s a relatively compact machine, making it excellent for smaller workshops. The cutter head on this unit can reach 6500 rpm with its two high-speed blades. Cast iron infeed and outfeed tables make for a durable surface to work on that will last a lifetime.

One issue is that the fence doesn’t permanently lock in place. There is a lever to clamp it, but the lever itself loosens over time. That is something to watch out for while working with it over long periods.

The conversion process between jointer and planer takes about 2 minutes and is fairly fluid once you know the steps.

Overall, the machine takes a lot of tuning to get just right. Once you get used to it, though, it does its job great. In addition, Grizzly has an excellent support team, so they can help you out if you’re having trouble.

So, if you’re looking for a solid budget pick, this is a good choice. Just know that there are better options at about $1000+ more, so it depends on how willing you are to tune your machine and tolerate minor inconveniences in order to save some cash.


  • Fast feed rate without compromising quality

  • Power and capacity are superb

  • Quiet operation

  • Price is just right

  • Compact design


  • Setting up is a bit complicated

Grizzly Planer Jointer Combo with Spiral Cutter head

The G0634Z is one of the more heavy-duty combination jointer/planers from Grizzly. The conversion process uses a quick-release fence with flip-up jointer tables.

Boards glide easily on the polished cast-iron tables, with very little snipe on the finished boards that can be sanded away.

Weirdly, the depth adjustment handwheel rotates counterclockwise to deepen the depth. This is the opposite of most handwheels, which can lead to some mistakes when you’re first working with it.

When changing the cutters, dust can get into them and build up, which is another minor inconvenience.

The fence is adjustable anywhere from 45 or 90 degrees, with options to be raised, lowered, and adjusted along the table. The maximum cutting width on this machine is 12 inches, featuring two feed rollers and an anti-kickback system.

What’s also nice is that there are separate chip-collection hoods for each mode, meaning you can use a shorter hose for the dust collector.

Overall, this solid midrange model works well on many levels. Unfortunately, it is quite heavy at almost 800 pounds, making it a challenge to move around but increasing the stability and lowering the vibrations.


  • Easy to use

  • Very organized

  • Safety is guaranteed

  • Lowered vibrations


  • Pretty heavy

  • Prone to dirt buildup

JET JJP-8BT 8" Jointer/Planer Combo

JET is a great mid-tier and professional-grade tool manufacturer that has made this mid-tier jointer/planer combo. Its size and capabilities are perfect for a woodworking enthusiast.

The compact footprint of this machine is much different than many others on the list, at only 58 pounds.

Still, it’s quite powerful for its size, pushing 13 amps and 9,000 rpm with its two 8 ¼ inch cutters. Its main limit is the smaller width at just over 8 inches, meaning that it can cut a lot less sizes of wood than jointer/planers in this list. In addition, its depth of cut is limited to ⅛”.

The JET JJP-8BT’s table is made of aluminum, which is lighter but less durable than cast iron. It’s still strong but won’t reduce vibrations.

Its oversized ergonomic knobs provide a lot of ease of use and maximize your control over the machine. Overall, the snipe is about the average amount you can expect, which can be handled by sanding it down.

Finally, both the planing and jointing tables can lock, giving you a safer and more secure overall environment to work within.


  • Sturdy-built

  • Powerful and accurate fence

  • Affordable pricing

  • Produces great results

  • Size is compact

  • Blades are evenly-mounted


  • Assembly seems to be complicated

 JET JJP-12 12" Planer Jointer Combo, 3HP, 1PH 230V

JET’s JJP-12 is a 12” Planer/Jointer Combo with 3HP, giving it lots of power and a good width capacity. In addition, the unit features an extra-large extruded aluminum fence with easy-to-use controls for quick adjustments.

The three-speed steel knife cutter head provides a rapid cut and sleek finish, making this one of the most cost-effective Jointer/Planer Combos on the market.

The built-in 4” dust port for the dust chute is excellent, and the machine can handle a quick changeover from jointing to planing. In addition, the fence doesn’t need to be removed for the changeover on this unit, meaning that your workflow will be even less interrupted.

This is a great choice if you’re looking to mill rough lumber from a lumberyard. It’s far superior to what you’d find at a big box store. At about 500 pounds, the whole assembly is rock solid and heavy for increased stability.

The one problem may be the guard. A sliding guard can obstruct the operating path when moving along the table. A different guard may have made the machine cleaner to use overall.

The heavy-duty, welded steel cabinet base houses the motor and planer table and provides solid support for the jointer table. The increased stability from the steel base reduces vibrations and includes mounting tabs for increased stability.


  • Rock-solid build

  • Excellent fit and finish

  • Space-saver

  • Low noise

  • Versatile at all time


  • Quite heavy

JET JJP-12HH 12" Planer/Jointer with Helical

The JET JJP-12HH is a step up from the JJP-12, one of the most cost-effective spiral cutter head machines currently available. However, as an entry-level piece of equipment, it provides exceptional performance.

The European-style blade guard can be lowered and raised using a knob, making it fairly easy to use. While both the infeed and outfeed are metal, the outfeed has a rubber cover that may deteriorate over time but is very helpful for precision cuts. It has a very low amount of snipe.

Some adjustments are necessary out of the box, but nothing too major. It shouldn’t take more than a few hours to get it ready with the help of the owner’s manual.

Like the JJP-12, it is a heavyweight unit with cast iron tables. This makes it solid, stationary, and low vibration. It’s also very easy to convert from jointer to planer and back, as you don’t need to reposition the jointer fence when switching between the two.


  • Smooth operation

  • Some cosmetic flaws on its exterior

  • Cutter head is exceptional

  • Beautiful exterior design

  • Durability is guaranteed


  • The adjustment mechanism is somehow delicate

  • Heavy weight

Baileigh 12” Helical head JP-1250

The Baileigh JP-1250 is another excellent 12” combination Jointer/Planer on our list. Sporting a 12” cast iron table and steel base, it’s got a rock-solid construction with durability that will last many years.

The 3HP motor is more than enough power to work through any wood you need with 6,600 rpm. In addition, as it has a helical cutter head, the blades remain sharp for much longer, and it cuts quietly compared to other cutter heads.

Changeovers are quite easy and smooth. The extra-large aluminum fence adjusts to any angle between 45 and 90 degrees.

There is very little tear out and snipe, and the dust collection is solid in planing mode. Slightly less so with the jointing mode, but still satisfactory.

Due to some ¼ inch ribbing on the machine, its maximum width is about 11 ½ inches, not quite 12.

Overall, this is an excellent machine for the price, comparable to a JET or Grizzly. There is less of a brand reputation here, but you’re getting a lot of quality for the price tag.


  • Easy to operate

  • Dust collector works really well

  • 'Blades can be sharp for extended periods

  • Power is sufficient

  • Affordable

  • Durability is guaranteed


  • Consumes much space

RIKON 12-Inch Planer/Jointer with Helical Head

The RIKON 25-210H is a Planer/Jointer with a strong 12” helical cutter head and 3HP motor. It can mill the hardest rough-sawn lumber, making it a truly industrial machine.

The jointer and planer tables on the unit are made of heavy cast iron and machined to a smooth finish for efficient movement of boards through the cutters. The one-piece jointer tables’ unique design easily lifts up for use in planing, making transitioning between the two easy.

The helical head has four rows totaling 56 cutters. Each carbide insert can be rotated four times, giving you a lot of sharp edges before needing a replacement.

The only problem is the fence is a little flimsy. Everything else is excellent, but the fence is an important part. The table is quite precise, and the helical blades are inexpensive and easy to flip when they become dull. If you’re willing to work out a fix for the fence, you’ve got yourself an excellent overall unit.

This is a heavy, stationary machine. It’s great for stability and performance but not very mobile. Overall, it’s a good, quality unit for the price.


  • Easy to install

  • All the functionalities work perfectly fine

  • Budget-friendly

  • Quality is promising

  • Great for long hours of usage


  • Sounds and vibrations are evident when the dust collector is attached

  • Needs a bit of effort to assemble

SCM Minimax Combination Jointer and Planer

The 12” SCM Minimax Tersa Combination Jointer and Planer is an excellent overall choice for Tersa lovers. The Tersa system provides a sharp and clean finish, especially with a fresh blade.

The unit uses a steel feed roller with teeth. You can use turtle wax or equivalent to prevent any boards from getting stuck in the feed.

The snipe is low overall, and the machine performs its functions well. Made in Italy with quality materials, it is a compact yet powerful machine that offers premium planing and jointing with long jointer tables and a sturdy fence. Like their larger models, the 12” Minimax is also well designed from front to back, making workflow smooth and easy.

Some issues are raising and lowering the planar table, but it's nothing major. Fine Woodworking named this their “Best Overall” in the Planer/Jointer combination category, which is a great endorsement for the machine.

Overall, a solid choice that encapsulates a lot of what’s good in a Planer/Jointer Combo.


  • Smoother operation by minimizing friction

  • The build is rock solid

  • Functions flawlessly

  • Catchy design

  • Does not consume too much space perfect for small shops


  • Safety feature (guard) could have been better

Hammer® A3-41

The Hammer A3-41 is a powerful 16” Jointer/Planer Combo with impressive results. Its solid cast iron tables ensure accurate milling all around, while its ergonomic design lets you easily adjust it to your preferred specifications.

Hammer’s robust design gives it a very long lifespan, while the design is precision engineering for accurate cuts with its 3-knife automatic cutter-block.

With this unity, it is easy to change from jointer to planer mode by simply locking the jointer fence and lifting the tables. The fence can also be adjusted anywhere from 45 to 90 degrees, making it versatile. Finally, the machine leaves very little snipe that can easily be sanded away.

Some minor inconveniences include the dust port, which needs an adaptor, and the jointer’s depth-of-cut scale has no numbers to indicate increments. However, these are minor issues.

Overall, Hammer has made an impressive unit here, especially for those that need a 16” width, which is hard to come by.


  • Accuracy is high

  • It is built to last

  • Easy to clean

  • Not that bulky at all


  • There are no increment indicators

  • Dust port does not include an adaptor

VEVOR Jointer Planer Heavy Duty

The VEVOR 8” Heavy-duty Jointer/Planer goes up to 9,000rpm and works as an excellent mid-range combination machine. When in planer mode, the height of the cutter head is easily adjusted using the user-friendly crank handle. Oversized, ergonomic knobs make for a great user experience. In addition, the machine easily switches between the two modes.

The model’s compact design will fit in any workshop, and the dust collection system has an easy hook-up.

In addition, VEVOR has solid customer service that is eager to help whenever you have trouble.

The unit is excellent for re-purposing rough and worn-out wood, providing a smooth finish with only some snipe and tearout. The all-metal workbench is both smooth and durable, making for an easy-to-use machine and the heavy-duty stand is adequate and helps to prevent any walking or wobbling.

As an 8” machine, it’s not the most robust combination machine on our list, but it does the job it's supposed to.


  • Relatively cheap but does not compromise quality

  • Easy to use

  • Ergonomic design

  • Functions smoothly

  • Durability guaranteed

  • Does not take up too much space at all


  • Heavy in terms of weight

RIKON 25-010 Planer Jointer Combo

If you’re looking for a nice, entry-level mid-range machine, this 10” lightweight Jointer/Planer from Rikon is a solid final choice to end the list.

The switchover is a little bit more of a hassle on this one. You need to remove the fence and outfeed table, then flip up the dust cover. It still takes only a minute but can disturb workflow.

It has three double-sided HSS blades that can be upgraded to a helical head. They’re easily switchable, and setting their location is simple.

It’s a little less potent than others on the list at 1.5 HP but still sufficient for most jobs. Lightweight, easy to move around, the RIKON 25-010 has a proven, classic design modeled after the Metabo HC260. It’s nothing fancy but great as a starting point for many workshops.

As a budget pick, it accomplishes what it needs to. This is the most affordable option on the list, so you can’t expect too much out of it.


  • Accuracy is decent

  • Safe to use

  • Fascinating features for beginners

  • Price is affordable

  • Portable


  • Installation is complicated

What's Next?

With all the various jointer planers that are available in the market, it can be a daunting task to choose one. After we have shortlisted the best jointer planers that are available right now, it will be easier for you to choose what to buy. Just keep in mind the strengths and weaknesses of each product when choosing.

Disclaimer: I only recommend products that I have used myself or have in my workshop. All opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.


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