13 Best Drill Presses (2022 Review)

Updated: Nov 12

If you are a master craftsman or a skilled woodworker, you will surely love to choose the best drill presses for your woodworking projects such as wooden tables, wood lighting, and other DIY wood projects that you have in your mind. A high-quality drilling tool could be considered to drill through all types of wood and other materials quickly and easily, with precision and high power that a simple handheld drill cannot match. For the best result for your wood projects, make sure you have a choice of quality drill in your workshop.

In looking for a quality drill press, many important factors should be considered. These include the model or manufacturer’s brand, the highest available motor power (HP), the speed range, and a variety of advanced speed settings. Also, considering the types of drills for your specific use or function is important. You may also consider the model’s weight and why it might be an advantage or disadvantage to your woodworking projects. Mostly, considering different user reviews is needed for you to give insights on what to choose that is the best suited for your project needs.

Thus, I have researched well and tested different types of drills to provide here my reviews for you to check. I conducted a thorough review of each of these models to determine their strengths and weaknesses so that you could find the one that is best for your woodworking needs.

So, here are the lists of the top 13 Best Drill Presses:

1. Powermatic PM2800B, 18-Inch (1792800B)

Powermatic PM2800B 18 Drill Press
Powermatic PM2800B 18 Drill Press


  • Motor: 1 HP

  • Speed Range: 250-3000 RPM

  • Number of Speeds: Variable Speed

  • Weight: 266 pounds

The Powermatic PM2800B, 18 Inch has a 1 HP motor that completely loses other competing drilling tools. Its design process was made to a woodworker's instinct, improving the workshop experience's functionality and effectiveness. This drill is easy, simple to use, and intuitive as possible, allowing you to concentrate your creative energy on the tasks that make wood craftsmanship so satisfying.

The PM2800B makes your shop more efficient. Truly has one-of-a-kind ease of use. A level of mechanical eloquence found only in a Powermatic that exceeds the limits of design, advancement, and longevity.

In addition, it has a mechanical variable speed range of 250 up to 3,000 RPM that comprises the lower drilling speeds required to drill through all types of materials. It has another excellent feature in the form of a laser guide. This laser guide indicates tool points, allowing you to drill accurately on your work.

Note: when I worked at Tufts Museum School we had this machine. It is very excellent.


  • Its laser guides improve the accuracy of drilling.

  • 1 HP motor provides enough power to drill on tough materials.

  • A wide speed range of 250 to 3,000 rpm.

  • Controlling and adjusting speeds is made simple by a mechanical variable speed combined with a digital speed readout.

  • It has extra stability because of its extra-large cast iron base.

  • It offers reversible handles that you positioned on either side, thus, offering comfort while you are working.

  • It offers quick stock alignment through its adaptable fence system that creates an exact 90-degree relationship to the table.

  • It offers 5 year warranty period


  • The machine weighs 266 pounds, so you will need two sets of hands to put it together.

  • In addition, there is no power switch, which might be confusing for some people.

2. Jet JDP-20MF, 20-Inch(354170)

Jet JDP-20MF 20-Inch (354170)
Jet JDP-20MF 20-Inch (354170)


  • Motor: 1.5 HP

  • Speed Range: 150-4,200 RPM

  • Number of Speeds: 12

  • Weight: 282 pounds

Many of the low-quality drills have low-quality motors that cannot produce enough torque needed for drilling. The JET's JDP-20MF is a high-quality drill machine that comes with a powerful 1.5 HP motor and a 3/4-inch chuck. It has an above-average torque output and can drill into wood with ease.

The JET 20" set the standard for accuracy, reliability, and flexibility. This high-quality line of JET offers a wider range of spindle speeds than other machines in this class. The 3/4-inch chuck is big enough to hold drill bits of different sizes which is important for craftsmen that work on bigger projects. This also means you don’t have to worry about changing the bits during your big projects.

What do I love about this Jet’s useful features? The built-in LED lights make it easy for the user to see the surface that is being drilled. Also, it has a large workbench that is 45 degrees in