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11 Best Jointers For Woodworking (2023 Review)

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

When it comes to woodworking, a jointer is a crucial tool for achieving flat and straight edges on your wood pieces. With so many options available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the best one for your needs. Here, we have reviewed the 11 best jointers for woodworking in 2023 to help you make an informed decision.

16” Jointers/Planers

Grizzly Industrial G9953ZXF Jointer

  • Features: One of the largest models available, it boasts a 16" width capacity and a spiral cutter head for a smooth finish. Perfect for handling bigger projects with ease.

  • Pros: Large width capacity, durable construction, and superior finish quality.

  • Cons: Might be overkill for hobbyists or those with space constraints.

12” Jointers/Planers

JET JPJ-12B, 12-Inch Planer/Jointer

  • Features: A dual-function machine that can both plane and joint wood. The straight knife cutter head ensures consistent results.

  • Pros: Space-saving with dual functionality, easy adjustments, and robust performance.

  • Cons: Slightly higher learning curve for beginners.

Grizzly Industrial G0634X 12" 5 HP Planer/Jointer

  • Features: A powerful 5 HP motor combined with a V-helical cutter head gives ultra-smooth finishes.

  • Pros: Powerful motor, high-quality finish, and versatility.

  • Cons: A larger footprint might not suit smaller workshops.

12” Jointers

Grizzly Industrial G9860 - The Ultimate 12" Jointer

  • Features: Designed for professionals, this model offers a precision-ground table and durable construction.

  • Pros: Sturdy design, great for larger projects, and reliable performance.

  • Cons: Might be pricey for hobbyists.

8” Jointers

Powermatic PJ-882, 8-Inch Parallelogram Jointer

  • Features: Comes with a parallelogram design which ensures the table remains close to the cutterhead for improved finish.

  • Pros: Consistent finish, robust construction, and adjustable tables.

  • Cons: Requires regular knife maintenance.

Grizzly Industrial G0855-8" x 72" Jointer with Built-in Mobile Base

  • Features: Offers mobility with its built-in mobile base, allowing for easy workshop rearrangement.

  • Pros: Space-saving, mobile, and efficient performance.

  • Cons: Might not be suitable for larger workpieces.

JET JWJ-8HH, 8-Inch Jointer

  • Features: Equipped with a helical head for reduced noise and smoother finishes.

  • Pros: Quiet operation, superior finish, and easy adjustments.

  • Cons: Higher price point.

Powermatic 60HH, 8-Inch Jointer

  • Features: Similar to the JWJ-8HH, this model from Powermatic offers a helical head design and robust construction.

  • Pros: Reliable performance, durable, and smooth finish.

  • Cons: Investment-heavy for hobbyists.

Baileigh IJ-883P Bed Parallelogram Jointer

  • Features: Offers an 83" table length, making it perfect for longer workpieces. The 3 HP motor ensures consistent results.

  • Pros: Suitable for long wood pieces, powerful motor, and durable construction.

  • Cons: Large footprint might be a concern for some.

6” Jointers

ET JJ-6CSDX, 6-Inch Woodworking Jointer

  • Features: Comes with quick-set knives for hassle-free adjustments and replacements.

  • Pros: Easy to maintain, compact size, and efficient.

  • Cons: Limited width capacity compared to others on this list.

RIKON Power Tools 20-600H 6" Benchtop Jointer

  • Features: A compact benchtop design with a helical cutter head for fine finishes.

  • Pros: Space-saving, portable, and offers a great finish.

  • Cons: It might not be suitable for larger projects due to its size.


While all the jointers mentioned above offer fantastic performance and finish, the best one for you will depend on your specific requirements, such as workspace size, type of projects, and budget. Always prioritize features that are more aligned with your woodworking goals. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, there's a jointer on this list that's perfect for you.


Disclaimer on Affiliate Links: Some of the tools mentioned in this article are affiliate links, but please know I only recommend tools I truly believe in and trust. There's absolutely no additional cost to you.


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