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Our Chuppah rentals are designed to pack down flat into manageable pieces and assemble easily within minutes. When assembled the foorprint of the canopy is 6' x 6' square & 7.6' tall. 

Chuppah rentals start at $400. 

Additional options anchor system.

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​​What are the dimensions of the Chuppah?

When assembled the footprint of the canopy is 6' x 6' square & 7.6' tall.


Can you hang flowers or fabric from the Chuppah?

Our Chuppahs are stable and strong to accommodate any variety of hanging fabric and flowers.

What if our wedding is outside and its windy?

Our Chuppahs can withstand casual windy weather. We do not advise using it in severe weather.

Are custom sizes available?

Yes, we can provide custom sizes for purchase but not for rent. Please contact with the desire size.


Can the Chuppahs ship?

Yes, our Chuppah is designed to pack down flat into manageable pieces and assemble easily within minutes.

How long can I rent a Chuppah for?

A Chuppah rental is typically 1week. Longer lengths of time can be made if needed.

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I’m writing to thank you for a great job you did with the Chuppah! We used it several times and absolutely love it - so easy to install, looks sleek and the quality is great! Thank you!! - Kseniya

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