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Since 2005, I have been designing and creating hand-made wood furniture and lighting.

With a focus on design and craftsmanship, every piece I create guarantees uncompromising quality.

Great furniture & lighting requires time, patience, and attention to detail. These ingredients go into every piece I craft, so everything is original, unique and built to stand the test of time.


My Journey 

Jesse Shaw, the founder of JShaw Furniture Design, is a renowned wood craftsman and furniture designer. He graduated from the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, ME, where he was awarded a fellowship that enabled him to hone his woodworking and design skills under the tutelage of the master craftsmen who taught there. While continuing his studies in furniture design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, he furthered his education in Italy, training with notable craftsmen and designers in Milan. After receiving his MBA, Jesse became the lead furniture designer for Currey & Company in Atlanta, GA, where he had the opportunity to travel internationally, working with furniture factories worldwide. In 2016, he made guest appearances on the PBS television show, Rough Cut Woodworking with Tommy Mac. The Boston-based master craftsman has taught woodworking classes at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education (CCAE), the Eliot School of Applied and Fine Art in Jamaica Plain, and Tufts Museum School. His work has been displayed in numerous exhibits, galleries and museums, including the Wharton Esherick Museum, the SCAD Museum of Art’s Permanent Collection and the Fitchburg Museum. He has devoted his career to elevating wood craftsmanship and furniture design to a higher level of art, and to making museum-quality pieces available for everyone.

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Dryad Lamps: Large


In Greek mythology, Dryads were glowing nymphs who dwelled in trees.

Like these alluring spirits, Dryad Lamps embody the beauty and mystique of majestic trees.

Dryad Night Lights


Customer Reviews

“My brother liked my Dryad Lamp so much, I’m getting him one for Christmas!”


“I really appreciate your quick response and kindness. We're so happy with our Chuppah, thank you for being a part of our special day” 

“This Dryad Lamp is lovely — exactly what I've been looking for. Thank you!” 

“I bought this night light and was impressed by the beauty and quality of it. I would highly recommend this light to give your room a warm ‘woodsy’ feel!”





JShaw Furniture was founded by Jesse Shaw in 2014, a Boston-based master craftsman and furniture designer. The company elevates furniture design to a higher level of art, producing hand-made bespoke furniture and wood lighting for individual clients and private collections, carrying on the tradition of sustainably-sourced and locally-made lighting, furniture and chuppahs (wedding arches). JShaw designs have been exhibited at the Wharton Esherick Museum, Fitchburg Museum, the Savannah College of Art and Design Museum, and the Philadelphia Museum. 

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