Dryad Lamps: Large 



In Greek mythology, Dryads were glowing nymphs who dwelled in trees. Like these alluring spirits, Dryad Lamps embody the beauty and mystique of majestic trees. These are the largest batch of Dryad Lamps ever made and possibly the best looking. As with all the lamps the wood was meticulously selected with the intent to show off a highly figured ornate grain 


Dryad Lamps: Large


These lights are the next generation of Dryad Lamps, they have four-inch diameter wood shades. The new lamps have feet that elevate the light giving them an elegant shadow line and versatility with the cord. The lamps come in the traditional plugin and come with a 5 Watt (45 equivalent) LED bulb. All Dryad lamps should only use LED bulbs.

Dryad Lamps: Small 



Many of these lights are first-generation Dryad Lamps. They are all traditional plugin lamps and the tops are removable for access to the LED lightbulb. Some of them are drastically reduced in price because of minor imperfections or to make room for the next generation of lamps. 


Dryad Night Lights


Each night light is crafted from a thin shaving from the wood of handsome hardwood trees. The grains are specifically chosen for their ability to produce a warm elegant glow from within. Each species of wood displays its own unique hue. Great for kid's rooms and perfect as gifts to bring a hint of nature into the home.

Charcuterie Boards


These charcuterie boards are made entirely from upcycled offcuts from past projects.

Tree species like Walnut, Maple, Oak, Teak & Cherry were used to make the boards.

It takes me some time to select the right patterns so each board is unique and no two boards are ever identical. 

The Prometheus Lamp


Through the process of steam bending wood, the Prometheus legs spiral up like a torch.

The glowing ember wood shade brings warmth and light into any room, like staring into a fireplace.

Below are examples of past Prometheus lamps, for a custom piece please contact me.