The Ash Swirl Dryad Lamp has a unique grain figure. It's from the area of the tree where the sapwood and heartwood intertwine together. For this piece, I used Cherry wood as the base and Walnut for the top. The Lamp is 9" tall and 5" in diameter.


The lamp plugs into a traditional outlet and comes with a 4 watt (45 equivalent) bright LED bulb. 


Dryad Wood Lamp: Ash Swirl





    JShaw Furniture was founded by Jesse Shaw in 2014, a Boston-based master craftsman and furniture designer. The company elevates furniture design to a higher level of art, producing hand-made bespoke furniture and wood lighting for individual clients and private collections, carrying on the tradition of sustainably-sourced and locally-made lighting, furniture and chuppahs (wedding arches). JShaw designs have been exhibited at the Wharton Esherick Museum, Fitchburg Museum, the Savannah College of Art and Design Museum, and the Philadelphia Museum. 

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