Dryad Night Lights

Each one-of-a-kind wood nightlight is crafted from a thin shaving of wood from magnificent hardwood trees. The species are specially chosen for their ability to produce a warm glow from within. Not all woods are translucent, but the ones that are each have a unique hue of color.

Perfect for kids rooms or simply to bring a hint of nature into your home.


Dryad Lamps


In Greek mythology, Dryads were glowing nymphs who dwelled in trees. Like these alluring spirits, our Dryad lamps embody the beauty and mystique of majestic trees. Each light in the collection is cylinder-shaped, with an oak top and base. Created by processing thinly shaved wood that is meticulously selected to ensure that it will produce a nuanced light when illuminated from within, each lamp provides its own distinct glow depending on the type and quality of the wood used.

Dryad Lanterns


These three wood lanterns are the only lanterns that have ever been made. The lantern casts an ambient bright warm glow into . Each lantern has a Black Walnut frame with Elder, Lacewood and Laurel Shades.