Custom Seating

VItale Bench

Minimal yet remarkable benchmarks. 

Art and function meld in signature chairs. Make a statement just by sitting in an individually crafted seat. Built to last, designed to impress, each seat created in the workshop is handmade with the highest calibre craftsmanship. From graceful steam bent curves to sustainable hardwood chosen for strength and durability, feel each fluid line underpinned with the affirming quality of an experienced builder. Sit confidently in your own custom seat.




The Droplet Table was inspired by watching the rainfall into a puddle. The droplets create perfect circles that spawn a rippling effect. Imagine a single rain droplet striking the center of the table creating cascading circles. The intent of this design was to capture that geometry.


Often times the piece of wood is so good-looking that it needs to shine. The Acadia console tables and benches come in any size or species of wood. They're designed to show off the wood and are constructed to be extremely strong. The interior of the waterfall edge corners has L Shaped floating tenons inside. The center rail reinforces the table with a hidden sliding dovetail. 

Nautilus chair.jpg

Natural Live Edge Grain

Hallway Bench


Inspired by the most famous of deep-sea creatures

The Octopus Table was designed to show the animal’s symbolism of complexity, flexibility, and simplicity. Built out of Birchwood, the piece was ebonized with black lacquer to show its glow when light touches it. And like the octopus’s ability to mimic other animals, the table takes on a new form when turned upside. The Octopus table is both sophisticated and simple, elegant and minimalist, dark but also light, a table, and artwork.

Vitale Bench

Functional and Stores Easily

The Captain’s Table was designed to be your companion anywhere. Made from various hardwoods like Oak, Walnut, Cherry, and Maple, the folding table is easily collapsible. Take note of its cutlass-shaped legs. Customizable at a dining table height or as a home office small side table. This piece is built tough and still looks elegant. Lightweight yet sturdy enough for your most demanding work.

Vitale Bench
Vitale Bench Sketch
Vitale Bench Sketch

Vitale Bench
Vitale Bench

Vitale Bench
Vitale Bench

Vitale Bench Sketch
Vitale Bench Sketch


Furniture Design

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Over the last seventeen years, I've designed and built many tables. 

Each one has a story, from the design concept to the final delivery of the piece.

I take great pride in carefully selecting quality woods and cutting tight-fitting interlocking joinery.

There are no limits on what can be made and I love a challenge, contact me for a custom piece.