Dryad Wood Lights

Each accent light is handmade and guaranteed to last decades. The woods are personally selected from the finest quality of hardwoods. 


"Most the time we see light reflecting off the wood into our eye, but only when it is lit from behind does it truly come alive and shine"

Hand holding red autumn leaf closeup. Ma


When it's cold and snowy outside, a Dryad Lamp glows warm like a fireplace. 

Birdseye Maple Dryad Lamp.jpeg

In Greek mythology, Dryads were glowing spirits who dwelled in trees.



Ash Swirl

Fast Growing, Sustainable, and Extremely Strong.

Ash is a very strong hardwood, commonly used for baseball bats, and axe handles. It's a fast-growing tree and listed as a sustainable hardwood. One of the best woods for steam bending and my personal favorite. The striking contrasting grain pattern occurs when the sapwood & heartwood swirl around each other. When lit Ash has a warm inviting glow.

Wood Lamp

Tulip & Redwood Burl

The grain of a burl illuminated is mesmerizing

Both woods use the same lightbulb the wood diffuses the light to create the natural unique hue of color. Tulip burl wood creates a bright golden amber glow. It is the most popular and bestselling variety of wood.  Redwood burl has a deep rich reddish-pink glow. The color is unlike any other wood.