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In 2011, my sister asked if I would build her a Chuppah for her wedding. At the time, I was living in Atlanta, Georgia, working as a designer for a furniture and lighting firm. “Of course” I replied, “what’s a Chuppah?” A quick search online and a few sketches later, the design was ready. My sister lives in Washington DC, so the chuppah needed to pack down flat for shipping and assemble easily without tools. Setting up the Chuppah was so quick and easy on her wedding day, it took less than ten minutes. All that was needed was a step ladder, a mallet, and someone to hold up the legs. The following year, we shipped the chuppah to Connecticut for our cousin’s wedding. It’s become a tradition now. Many dear friends and family have been married underneath my wood chuppahs.

Your wedding photographs will be cherished forever.

Memorialize your special day under a beautiful Chuppah.

While checking out leave your wedding date in the notes section.

We will email you immediately to schedule your rental. 

Locations in Boston, North Shore & Stow MA

Local Delivery


Delivery & Setup


When assembled the footprint of the Chuppah is

5' x 5' square & 7 feet tall. Custom sizes can be made available per request.


The Chuppah rental is typically three days. Special requests can be accommodated. 


 Our Chuppahs are stable and secure to accommodate any variety of hanging fabric and flowers.  They can withstand average weather and have metal anchors if needed.


A Chuppah rental comes with a white lace canopy.


Customer Reviews

Wedding Director


Thank you for the great job you did with the Chuppah! Absolutely loved it, so easy to set up, looks sleek and the quality is exceptional.




My husband and I loved the Chuppah it made our wedding so special!



Getting married under such a beautiful structure made for a Pinterest worthy backsplash for all my pictures. Highly recommend. 


Floral Designer


Superb Chuppah! It was fun to decorate! Thanks, again for setting it up for us.

Decorate your way!

Made out of solid English Oak our chuppah rentals are Sturdy & Strong.

They can support any amount of floral and fabric arrangements.

We work with many florists that can recommend flower decorations.


Easy Assembly, 

Our Chuppahs are designed to look elegant and assemble quickly.

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JShaw Furniture was founded by Jesse Shaw in 2014, a Boston-based master craftsman and furniture designer. The company elevates furniture design to a higher level of art, producing hand-made bespoke furniture and wood lighting for individual clients and private collections, carrying on the tradition of sustainably-sourced and locally-made lighting, furniture and chuppahs (wedding arches). JShaw designs have been exhibited at the Wharton Esherick Museum, Fitchburg Museum, the Savannah College of Art and Design Museum, and the Philadelphia Museum. 

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